The call for papers (abstract) deadline is January 15, 2024

                 Submissions are accepted after this date until Jan. 20, 2024 on a space-available basis

                 Related media presentations are also welcome

                 Authors selected will be notified by Jan. 30. Full papers are due on the first day of the Forum

This year we are wanting to hear your voice on what matters to you, what you have been working on and what you want to share.


Urban Voices

OUR FORUM aims to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) while promoting and achieving responsible social and personal lifestyles. The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan welcome speaking presentations or media presentations. We aim to encourage researchers, artists, and those involved in urban planning to seek cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices aimed at fostering the sustainable development of vibrant, livable cities and the promotion of cultural continuity. Presentations spanning the wide and diverse field of urban culture and the arts as a tool to promote community and individual well-being, health, and diversity are encouraged.

1. Please use our submission/registration & audience handout sheet (Our Forum is free)

(It includes the audience handout page with space for your byline & article’s abstract)

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2. Please paste your article’s full text into our template file or (PDF of your powerpoint) for the proceedings

(due on the first day of the Forum)

Note: Speakers are allotted 15 minutes. A group discussion (Q & A) is held after each morning/afternoon session

Note: For those whom cannot attend in person or wishing to only submit papers to our sister

publication, the peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Culture Research – see details at JUCR Journal

Some contemporary topics are below:

The below is offered as an evocative list rather than implying requirements – all abstracts are considered.

• Cultural Spaces

• Rituals, Traditions & Technology

  1. Trends in Artistic Expression

  2. Artistic Expression

  3. Cultural Preservation

  4. Heritage & Rituals

  5. Public Spaces & the Built Environment

  6. Influences of Technology

  7. Influences of Climate Change

  8. Influences of Pandemics

  1. Trends in Cultural Expression

  2. Cultural Preservation & Continuity

  3. Cultural Tourism and Heritage Authenticity

  1. Quality of Life: Trends, Measures and Indicators

  2. Culture & Sociology - An Inseparable Pairing

  3. Trends in Cross-cultural Understanding

  1. Food Culture - Trends and Traditions

  2. Culture and Technology

  3. Culture and Social Media

  4. Is Technology the 4th Space? (social media, virtual reality, gaming) Starbucks popularized the coffee concept of being society's 3rd space – Home, Workplace & Coffee Shop

  1. Online Culture - Supportive, Effective, Expressive or Repressive?

  2. Online Culture & Social Change

  3. Social Media and Politics

  4. Workplace Culture

  5. Phone/pad vs Desktop PC culture

  6. Trends in Recreation

  7. Online Gaming vs Physical Sports

  1. How Architecture Influences Social Interactions

  2. Architecture & Culture - Constrainer vs Facilitator

  3. Relationship Between Culture & Architecture - The Urban Planning Connection

  1. Technological Influences in Music, Theater, Visual Arts and Expressive Arts

  2. Fine Arts and Technology

  3. Installation Arts and Technology

  4. Rituals, Traditions and Technology

  5. Trends in Street Art

  6. Trends in Artistic Performance


The Urban Resilience Research Center 21th Forum – March 5 - 6, 2024   

  The March 2024 forum will again be teleconferenced